Thursday, October 17, 2013

Inktober Day 1 - 14

The idea is to do an ink-drawing a day, for every day in October. Hence the name: Inktober. Here is day 1 through 14.
Day 1: 'Smelly Prophet'
 Day 2: 'Adventure Time: Finn'
Day 3:  'Adventure Time: Jake'
Day 4:  'Adventure Time: Princess Bubblegum'
Day 5:  'Hunger Games-ish Red Riding Hood'
Day 6:  'Not So Sure About This Place...'
Day 7:  'Mad Monk'
Day 8:  'Dr.Doom'
Day 9:  'Titan and Pilot' from the upcoming game TitanFall
Day 10:  'The Wolverine'
Day 11:  'Unicorn Cowboy' w/ cropped head
Day 12:  'Peacemaker'
Day 13:  'Mechanical Ninja'
Day 14: 'The Mysterious Mustard Seed'

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