Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Inktober Day 15-27

More #Inktober fun! Didn't quite make it to day 31, but that just gives me a great goal for next year.
 Day 15: 'Winter Huntsman'
 Day 16: 'The Giant of the Dales'
 Day 17: 'Psalm 23'
 Day 18: 'pt.1: Weary from the long travels, I was grateful for the sight of that dark tower.'
 Day 19: 'pt.2: What treasure and mystery could such an ancient place hold?'
 Day 20: 'pt.3: I found riches that would last a hundred lifetimes...'
 Day 21: 'pt.4: ...and the master of the keep.'
 Day 22: 'pt.5: THIEF!'
 Day 23: 'pt.6: To the victor goes the crown...'
 Day 24: 'pt.7: ...and the kingdom. A dark treasure indeed.'
 Day 25: 'Halloween: Pumpkin Jack'
 Day 26:  'Halloween: Jolly 'Blackbeard' Roger'
Day 27: 'Iron titans in the hills'

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